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Jacques Attali


Jacques Attali | Economist, Author, Businessman and Government Advisor

A true “Renaissance Man” and one of Europe’s leading economic and political intellectuals, Attali is an eminent economic advisor and theorist who have been at the heart of European politics for over thirty years.

Named by Foreign Policy Magazine as one of the top 100 public intellectuals in the world, few people can boast the range of knowledge and experience that he has to offer. Attali first came to prominence in the 1980s as special advisor to President Francois Mitterrand – personally representing the French Head of State at G7 meetings.

In 1991 he left politics and founded the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London and became its first President. Under his leadership the EBRD focused on protecting the environment and generally developing infrastructure reinforcing private sector competitiveness. In 1998 he founded Planet Finance, an international non-profit organization that advises and finances the development of microfinance in 80 countries. In 2007 he was nominated President of the Commission for the liberation for French economic growth by the President of the French Republic in August.

Beyond his work in politics and business, Attali has authored more than fifty books which have been translated into more than twenty languages, selling over six million copies all over the world. His writing deals with a wide variety of subjects ranging from mathematical economics, to music, biographies, novels, children’s tales and plays. Attali is currently CEO of A&A, an international consulting firm in strategy, based in Paris.

Attali represents a compelling blend of academic rigor and practical experience in the private sector and at the highest levels of government. As leaders look to navigate their way through the ever changing global business landscape, Attali’s unique insights into the effects of globalization, the shifting world order, and what lies ahead for the European economies, will provide an invaluable perspective as you look to plan your next strategic move.

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