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Vincent Bollore


Vincent Bollore | Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,Bollore

Vincent Bolloré, the CEO of Bolloré Group. The businessman is a close friend of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy and has built an impressive reputation

Revered as a titan of the business world and feared as a corporate raider, Vincent Bolloré, one of the most colorful figures in French business, now heads up one of the world’s largest media giants

Worth a reported $7.2bn, Vincent Bolloré has established himself as one of France’s most successful businessmen over the last three decades. A close friend of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Bolloré has established himself firmly in the elite of French society, playing an integral role in many of its industries

Mr. Vincent Bollore serves as the President of Bollore Africa Logistics Cote d’Ivoire. Mr. Bollore serves President of Financiere de l’Odet Mr. Bolloré has been the Chief Executive Officer of Bollore S.A. since January 5, 1995. He serves as Chief Executive Officer of Omnium Bollore, Financière V, Sofibol. He serves as an Advisor of French central bank. He serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bollore and Bollore Participations. Having built a controlling stake in French media firm Havas, Bolloré began investing in UK firm Aegis, with the goal of merging the two. He plans to retire in 2022, before he’s 70

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